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    Total gripping force

    Average jaws gripping force.

    Total gripping force

    Average jaws gripping torque.

    Swivelling torque

    Average provided torque on the rotary plate.


    Average value of the total jaws stroke.


    Mean frequency value for a cycle comprising opening, closure and cooling time to prevent the motor from overheating.
    This value is calculated with no load connected to the actuator.


    Closing jaws time

    Mechanical moving jawsi time after motor starts running and before spring compression.


    Working gripper time

    Start motor, jaws movement and spring compression total time.


    Duty cycle

    Ratio of time that actuator spends in an active state to the time spent to make the total cycle with cooling time included.


    Power supply

    Necessary continuous voltage to power supply actuator.

    Peak current

    Maximun motor supply current, limited by the BUS voltage, the motor's electrical resistance (at a set temperature) and constructive factors.
    For linear motors, electrical linear actuators and eletric linear guideways, it is the maximun rms value.

    Brushless motor power

    Maximun mechanical brushless motor power.


    Standard metal round M8x1, 3 pole connector.

    Open/closed input signal

    Open collector logic system drivable with 24Vdc and GND.

    Operating temperature

    Room temperature refers to the nominal operating conditions.
    It is limited by the characteristics of the materials and the viscosity of the lubricant.

    Environmental Degree

    Degree of protection provided againts intrusion of solid objects and water in mechanical casings with electrical enclosures.

    Noise level

    Industrial area noise level espressed in decibel.


    Total actuator mass with brushless motor included.

    IPA Clean Room Certification

    ISO 146444-1 clean room certification made by Fraunhofer Institute.

    CE certification

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) accordingly with EN61000-06-2:2005; EN61000-6-3:2007; EN61000-6-4:2007.

    BUS voltage

    Peak voltage supplied at motor start-up.

    Peak force

    Peak current force.

    Force coefficient

    Constant of direct proportionality between the feed current and the motor face output.


    Interaction between permanent magnets and stator that causes a periodic detent force at every pole.

    Continuous force

    Motor force output capacity with continuous current.

    Continuous current

    Current which can be supplied to the motor indefinitely, at which it reaches the maximum rated internal temperature (without overheating).

    Phase resistance

    Value of equivalent electric resistance measured across the terminals of a phase at a predetermined temperature

    Phase inductance

    Equivalent electric inductance measured across the terminals of a phase.

    BEMF constant

    Back voltage generated when the motor is 1 m/s moved.

    Thermal resistance

    Overheating for every Watt power dissipate from the motor,

    Thermal constant

    Time taken from the motor to reach the maximum temperature.

    Max phase temperature

    Maximum permissible winding temperature.

    PTC value

    Resistance value of the temprerature sensors (PTC).

    PTC max voltage

    Maximum fed voltage applicable to the terminals of the PCT thermistor.

    Feedback transducer

    Electronic devide to check and measure the motor/slider respective positions.

    Circuit output

    Type of signal generated by the feedback transducer toward the controller.
    ABZ: square wave incremental output.
    SIN/COS: sinusoidal wave encoder output.
    HALL: low resolution feedback for motor phasing.

    Output signal

    Communication standard used.

    Current consumption

    Maximum sensor current consumption provided from power supply.

    Working speed

    Maximum sensor speed to get correct position information.


    Smallest incremental pitch that system can perform.



    Ability of a system to perform and maintain same measure in routine circumstances.

    Pole Pitch

    Linear distance between the consecutive same poles (North > North; South > South).

    Impulses / Sinusoid

    Incremental impulses or sinusoidal waveforms included in a single pole pitch.

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