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    Automatic tool changer - QCG


    • Gimatic QCG63 revolutionizes robotic tool changes by leveraging the robot''s own power for automatic coupling and decoupling.
    • Automatic Tool Change: Requires no external power (electric or pneumatic) for tool changes.
    • Manual Change: The QCG can also be used for manual tool changes using the rear handle.
    • Payload: Up to 50 kg.
    • Air Connection: Two 1/8" air connections.
    • Electrical Connection: Optional 8-pin electrical connectors for signal transmission.
    • Stabilization Plate: Provides additional stability for tools exceeding 5 kg.
    • Easy Integration: Thanks to the ISO 50 pattern on the robot side, the QCG63 easily integrates with many robots and cobots without requiring an additional adapter plate.
    • High Precision: The QCG63 maintains exceptional precision. Its clever design compensates for slight misalignments, ensuring flawless operation every time.
    • Smooth and Rapid Operation: The smart wedge design allows the tool changer to ope-rate smoothly an
    Manufacturer: Gimatic

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